Ebenezer Eritrean Church

Washington, DC · USA

About the Church


Ebenezer Eritrean Church (EEC) held its first service with 34 persons on March 30, 2008 at the Unification Church of Washington DC. Two months later, we moved to Washington International Church in Washington, D.C., and since February 2010 we have been conducting our services in Christs Church at Embassy Row located at 3855 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC 20016. The church called and installed Pastor Goitom Mezghebo to be its pastor on October 11, 2009.


We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that salvation is by grace through Christ alone. We believe that baptism is a commandment of our Lord and that it demonstrates to the world our death, burial and resurrection with Christ and our obedience to Him.


Our vision is to bear lasting fruit by bringing multitudes to Christ and edifying believers to grow into Christ-like maturity, and equipping believers to serve inside and outside the church. We will also help spread the Gospel all over the world and especially in Eritrea.


Our church has a congregational form of government and is led by a Board of Elders. The Board of Elders consists of the pastor and elected elders. An elder is nominated by the board of elders and elected by the congregation to serve for a term of two years.